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North East Wales NHS Trust Physiotherapy Direct Telephone Service in Flintshire


To provide immediate access to physiotherapy assessment and advice, supporting accurate triage and decision making. To provide demand management by avoiding unnecessary penetration further into the service by those patients only needing advice and therefore facilitating early access and resolution for those patients whose condition requires greater input.




In the first year the service received 671 telephone contacts, 57% of whom were managed with advice, of these only 9% contacted subsequently for follow up and received face to face contact. At the end of February 2007 the total number of contacts was 1376.


A survey of 200 patients was conducted. The results indicated that 92% regarded the service to be very useful in the management of their condition.

GPs were also surveyed and 75% reported reduced administration as a result of the scheme.



Further action

To extend the service to the Wrexham health economy